Teenager toys in the late 1950s

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Teenager toys in the late 1950s

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At the National Book Critics Circle awards event last Thursday, I had the pleasure of presenting this year’s Balakian citation for excellence in book reviewing to Ron Charles, the weekly fiction critic for The Washington Post -- and.

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. of roiling around in the backseat of a station wagon and inhaling second hand Viceroys. But my mother’s 1950s influence crept back into my life when I became a teenager, from the size of my waist to the condition of my skin.

Street Use: Jazz on Bones: X-Ray Sound Recordings

As a teenager in the late 50′s I was witnessing those times in Riga, Latvia! As much as I recollect now – the “Bones” heroes at those times were Little Richard, Bill Haley His Comets (most often), Wanda Jackson, later.

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In the 1950s when I was a teenager I used to work for a television repair shop and we’d get sets from the 40s every once in a while and I was fascinated by them. So in 19… Read more

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Watch a group of children playing with their toys. At first they might be happy to put the plastic animals in their cages at the zoo and take them out again, or dress the dolls in different clothes, but after a while things get a bit.


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20th Century Toys. The rebellious tone and image of past American rock and roll and blues musicians also deeply resonated with British youth in the late 1950s, influencing all the British Invasion artists.

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Maruska continued working in the family business as much as she could. First baby Jana came into the world in October of 1959, followed by son Stan in May of 1961, and four years later Helen joined us in June of 1965.

Dangerous games: With Eid around the corner, sales of toy guns...

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